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Prelinger Archive Mashups
by Javi Alvarez
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"Si le hacemos una foto a un cadaver y sale movida ┬┐quien tiene la culpa, el fotografo o el cadaver?" Anton Reixa Material original de los archivos Prelinger Original footage from the Prelinger archives: 500,000 to One About Fallout A Communications Primer A Trip to the Planets Blonde Stag Film...
Topics: Fluzo, fluzeando, Javi Alvarez, Hevi, burlesque, time lapse, prelinger archives, prelinger mashup,...
Prelinger Archive Mashups
by Frank Panucci
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A collection of twisted short clips, taken exclusively from the freely downloadable movies at, set to an original, spleen-bursting score. An uplifting guide to the odd, musty chunks littering the floors of the Prelinger Archives. This movie is available as a DVD-compliant MPEG2, a VCD-compliant MPEG1, and whatever other formats you see listed to your left.
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Topics: Clipfilms, Prelinger Archival Footage
Community Video
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Topic: animation
Provincetown Community TV
by PTV
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Vintage Cartoons from
Topics: Massachusetts, Provincetown, Provincetown Community Television, PTV, Public Access TV, Community...